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TARDIS sightings in Manchester, NH

As far as I'm aware, The Doctor first came to Manchester, NH, in the summer of 2009, when his tell tale TARDIS appeared in the backyard of my friends Rob and Brenda in honor on their sci-fi-themed wedding:

Our "Doctor Who" hero apparently remained in the Queen City through the devastating February 2010 wind storm, which in addition to felling trees and power lines across the state, also destroyed The Doctor's means of transportation, something the Daleks and a whole host of other nonfriendly alien types have been attempting to do for some time:

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The Manchester Knit Bomber

Word on the street is that the bomber is a middle aged white woman with gray hair. Not your typical bomber profile, I grant you, but then again the perp's medium is yarn, not C4.

I speak, of course, of the Manchester Knit Bomber, who began decortaing downtown parking meters, light poles and street signs with colorful yarn designs earlier this week—at least that's when this parking meter in front of the Association of Bosniaks of New Hampshire, 62 Merrimack St., was first brought to my attention:


And then, not 30 minutes later, I was informed of another such installation a block or so away in front of The ARK Church at 45 Manchester St.:

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Six (or more) flags over Manchester, NH

Oh, how I wish this flag, as imagined last year by Uproxx, really were the New Hampshire state flag:

Alas, this what we here in the Granite State are stuck with:

And here in Manchester, our city flag is just as boring:

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Sarah Palin gettin' maverick-y in Manchester, NH?

She might be playing coy with the national media, but Sarah Palin can't fool me: I know for a fact that Sarah Barracuda will, in fact, enter the race for the 2012 Republican nomination.

And while I'm certainly no fan of the former Alaska governor, I have to admit her New Hampshire strategy is refreshingly unique. While potential rivals like Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty (T-PAW!) are busy with book signings and meetings with business owners here in the Granite State, Palin opted to open a gas station at 15 Willow St. to prove to Granite Staters that she has actual experience when it comes to job creation and stimulating the economy. 

Now according to the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office, the aforementioned gas station is owned by a one Tanveer Akhter, but anyone with half a brain can see right through that not-so-clever ruse. I mean, for starters, just look at the name of the place:


You'll also notice that the former Mayor of Wasilla got all "maverick-y" with spelling of "Maverick," at least on the awning above the gas pumps. I mean, who needs that elitist, East Coast, uppity correct spelling, anyway?

 I'm on to you, Sarah. Momma didn't raise no fool.



Big brother's watching you in Manchester, NH

Like just about any city anywhere, you can't go too many places in Manchester, NH, these days without being caught on camera.

Video recording devices are everywhere, it seems. And given the paranoia that has existed in this country since 9/11, this isn't much of a surprise, I suppose, especially inside — and even outside — U.S. government installations like the Norris Cotton Federal Building:

Likewise, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to find cameras surveilling the perimeter of the Manchester Police Department:

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